My Sunday Stationery Photo

Browsing an antiques and collectibles shop in Ely yesterday and couldn’t resist an old book called a The Calligrapher’s Companion. I say old but it was actually printed in 2006 – not much of an antique! Calligraphy is something I’ve tried in the past so this really appealed. Lots of lovely lettering inside 🙂  

Stationery Addicts Anonymous April 2015

Over at The Reading Residence the Instagram #bringbackpaper challenges are one of my favourite things to take part in. Quite fittingly, this year’s April challenge came to a close during National Stationery Week, as if some of us need to have a week dedicated to cooing over pretty papery bits & bobs! Our challenges this […]

Another Challenge Completed: #31DaysOfPaper

  This was such a lovely challenge to take part in over the last month…it could have been called #stationeryaddictsanonymous and I don’t think anyone completed it without realising you simply can never have too much reading and writing material in your life! 🙂 Huge thanks to the lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for […]