Seamore Bacon

Bringing Home The Bacon With Seamore

A year ago I shared with you some seaweed pasta from Seamore Foods. Today I’m sharing their latest revelation; seaweed bacon! Let me give you a little background before I tell you what I did with it: Seamore’s founder mistook seaweed for pasta, loved the experience and decided to fool the rest of the world with […]

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Slicing Out Sugar With Slissie

My name’s Lisa and I’m a sugarholic. Always have been. The weight loss and fitness I’ve been so proud of have absolutely nothing to do with cutting out chocolate. I just eat less and move more. Having said that, since I met the lovely boyfriend, a few pounds have crept back on and are proving difficult […]

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New Ways To Get Your Five-a-Day

As part of my #fattytofitty regime, I’m walking more and exercising more, as well as more healthy eating and drinking too. Healthy Drinking Everywhere I turn it seems subliminal messages are telling me to do something about my frankly pathetic water intake. So, I jumped at the chance to try a new concept in drinks bottle. Called […]

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Fatty To Fitty?

I wasn’t sure whether to write about my current weight loss and fitness ‘journey’ ( I hate it too, blame X Factor!)  but a few people now have suggested I should as I’m making decent progress. Don’t panic though, there’ll be no before and after photo shenanigans going on here! Some of you know I’ve […]

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Diet Trends Throughout History

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger on the block concerned with diet, health, and fitness issues. Certainly since I turned 40 it’s noticeably harder to keep the weight off. In my teens and twenties I couldn’t keep it on! It doesn’t help that my migraine medications cause weight gain and the migraines themselves inhibit […]

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Second Opinions

I say second opinion, but, much like when I was trying to resolve my bad back issues and lost count of doctors, therapists, consultants, osteopaths and chiropractors that I’d sought help from, I’m rapidly losing count of dizzy doctors. Today wasn’t strictly about doctors though; today was my second physio appointment at hospital. Today I […]

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Motivational Monday: More from MyTeam

Last week was a a little disappointing as I didn’t get my longed for weight loss kicked off. This week, despite continuing with the exercise (plus hitting my pedometer steps target 6 days out of 7) and eating healthier, I’m feeling a little better (when the vestibular migraines allow) and feeling fitter, but, the scales […]

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