common dog health problems

5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Dogs are an excellent choice of companion for households, with or without children. They’re a popular pet choice as they offer endless love and attention and can be a lot of fun in social situations. They’re also fairly easy to house-train and can provide an extra layer of security from possible intruders at home, particularly for those […]

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How To House Train A Puppy

It’s been a very long time since I had to house train a puppy. Precious Stella was my rescue girl and my darling Brodie arrived way back in 1993. I’m pretty sure ideas and techniques have changed a lot since then! I haven’t made a firm decision on my own future canine companion. However, I […]

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Woof Wednesday featuring Pheenx Pet Products

Hello woofers, it’s me again! A parcel arrived for me on my birthday and today I’m going to tell you all about what was in it 🙂  Some people at the Pheenx Pets company asked Mum if they could send a couple of things for me to try and she said yes on my behalf. […]

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Woof Wednesday: Stella’s Birthday Giveaway

It hardly seems a year since she had one but Stella has a birthday again tomorrow. A superior senior lady of 12, we’ll be celebrating with extra fuss and cuddles, and, no doubt, far too many extra treats! There was a big puppy called Stella, More faithful to me than a fella! Always by my side, […]

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Woof Wednesday: A Barkbeats Box

We all know how nice it is to receive a parcel and Stella is definitely no exception to that! I didn’t tell her that the BarkBeats people had offered her a box of goodies to review and she was especially chuffed with the surprise 🙂 I knew that BarkBeats only use brands we already know […]

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Woof Wednesday: 101 Doggy Dilemmas

“Your dog should cause you to smile at least once a day“…very wise words as an introduction to ‘101 Doggy Dilemmas,’ a new book written by Essex dog trainer Tony Cruse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Stella makes me smile every single day. If you have a dog and you’re not […]

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Wordless (almost) Woof Wednesday

Last week I wrote a poem about Stella, this week she shares yesterday’s Gotcha Day with you via our Instagram snaps. 11 years have flown by and I truly hope and pray to bring you our 12th anniversary this time next year xox            

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