A Week Of Firsts

As a non-mummy, most years the Easter school holidays pass me by most unremarkably. This year was different. For a start, this year saw my first holiday since 2010. Overdue, I think you’ll agree? Then there was the small matter of it being the first holiday with the lovely boyfriend. And his two children. He […]

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One Photo No Words 02 April 2017

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One Photo No Words 12th March 2017

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The Prompt: Pride

You’re growing up too fast, My heart just bursts with pride, Not yet two, my favourite boy, Your brightness shines so far and wide. Walking and talking; no big deal, Words and numbers too, Remembering the way to Grandad’s house, I’m so very proud of you. Colours are easy peasy, And your favourite is green, Cars and […]

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One Photo No Words: 16 October 2016

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Daddies, Daughters, and Driving

Regular readers will know that my daddy was a lorry driver and some of you will know that we still work together so it will come as no surprise that over the years a few driving conversations have occurred between us. We are undoubtedly each others’ harshest critics (but also biggest defenders I should say) and driving […]

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The Prompt: Up

A highlight of my Thursday was spending a little time with my baby toddler nephew so, inspired by him, here’s a new poem.   I see your sweet face, My eyes light up; Your boyish grace, Makes my heart fill up. You’re growing up fast, You’re getting taller; Seems like yesterday, You were much smaller. The […]

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