One Photo No Words 27th August 2017

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One Photo No Words 20th August 2017

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Top 10 Signs That You Need A Break

Lisa’s Life is taking a break this week and so to keep with the holiday mood I’m sharing this list that will help you decide if you too need time away. According to this my Summer trip was very overdue! Holiday Inn Express had a study done earlier this year in which it was discovered […]

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Holiday How-Tos

A couple of stressful personal events recently have meant the lovely boyfriend and I are really looking forward to (and needing, I might add!) our Summer holiday soon. One tiny regret is not making it overseas but we’re both confident that Devon will live up to its lovely reputation and we’ll see some of the […]

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Happy Holidays

After a short break at Easter, I’m gearing-up for a full week away during August with the lovely boyfriend and his kids. His young daughter is already fond of iPhone photography and his teenage son is one of my followers on Instagram so both are as well aware as I am that, though some memories […]

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An Afternoon At Africa Alive

As I mentioned a few days ago, Africa Alive was just a short car ride away from the holiday home we stayed at during the Easter holidays. Of course I took the big girl’s camera along and so I thought I’d share a few snaps. Several photos I took have the lovely boyfriend’s kids in, […]

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A Week Of Firsts

As a non-mummy, most years the Easter school holidays pass me by most unremarkably. This year was different. For a start, this year saw my first holiday since 2010. Overdue, I think you’ll agree? Then there was the small matter of it being the first holiday with the lovely boyfriend. And his two children. He […]

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