year round gardening tips

How To Maintain A Perfect Garden The Whole Year Round

I’m sure we’d all love to have a perfect garden wouldn’t we? Mine is very far from it and I’m immensely grateful to my dad over the past few years, as, even though he should be putting his feet up, he regularly cuts my grass and does odd jobs to keep the place tidy at […]

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Red Candy Twelve Days Of Christmas Wishlist

On my Twelve Days Of Christmas wishlist, my true love gave to me: Twelve Red Carnival Lights Eleven American Landmarks Ten Green Bottle Lights Nine Joseph Josephs Eight Magic Photo Frames Seven Inch Display Frame Six Comfy Cushions   Five Gold (Telephone) Rings! Four Animal Planters Three Kitchen Nessies Two Stickman Bookends And a Butterfly […]

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Room Rejuvenation with Red Candy

Room by room I’m gradually getting my house in order. Progress has slowed right down after the Summer but my new kitchen is still feeling so fresh, I love it. I’m pleased that my hallway was finished before I had to embark on a long regime of dental treatment but, though I can’t afford to […]

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Red Candy Summer Berries

According to my calendar it’s Summer. Quite a wet June and July from where I’m sitting. The only steadfast reminder of the warmth is the often unbearable humidity! Summer is traditionally a time when we do more entertaining. Recently as I’ve been walking Stella we’ve sniffed a few optimistic barbecues happening. This Summer is also […]

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Home: Considering Shared Ownership

Over the past 25 years, I’ve done my fair share of climbing and descending the property ladder. In latter years it’s just been me, (and Stella of course!) but, previously I’ve had a joint mortgage with my then husband, and, with a long-term partner. When I was left on my own I really wasn’t sure in […]

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Plastic Fantastic Advice from the Plastic People

Now that I’m in the habit again of printing out some of my photographs I’m noticing more frames having acrylic rather than glass. this makes them not only lighter but safer for me and my butter fingers! But, scratches can still occur so I’m pleased to share some advice on how to remove scratches from acrylic. I hope […]

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Desenio feature

Designing a Gallery Wall with Desenio Posters

You may have seen and read on my social media accounts that I have a new kitchen, (there will be more on this at some point but my builder and I have a continuing dispute with the designer and supplier so it’s not appropriate to write about it until all is resolved.) I have some art […]

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