how to spot anxiety

How To Spot Anxiety

I, for one, would love it if my blog post title was a typo and this piece was about how to STOP anxiety. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? But, it’s ‘How To Spot Anxiety’ because, like all mental health issues, it’s something that we humans are all too happy to ignore or brush under the carpet. […]

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Time To Focus On Myself

For several years I’ve been having to be more aware of my mental health. I’ve documented already the different ways I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety but more recently I’ve been seeking out natural ways to boost my broken brain too. I’ve started enjoying the outdoors more again which was tough after losing Stella. My […]

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I’m Blooming This Monday

I’d love to say I have no interest in the #brightenup for Blooming Monday awareness day this year because I’m cured of all mental health concerns. But, I can’t and I won’t. While it’s true that the black dog has kindly left me be for the most part of the last 6 months, there have been […]

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Not Such A Blue Monday

There is much media debate as to just which Monday in January is the most depressing, but, for the last few years at least, mental health charities have chosen the 3rd Monday of the month, now known as Blooming Monday, to highlight depression by choosing to challenge us to #brightenup.  Not in the patronising pull-your-socks-up […]

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You’ll Be Glad It’s Not You

 (a poem for mental health awareness week) Are you aware of my mental health? In real-life probably not. Online support is tremendous. Real-life support not so hot. Ask me how I’m feeling, And I will tell you “I’m fine.” Because the truth makes you embarrassed, As though the problem’s only mine. I’m not just sad, […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Each year, for one week in May, the Mental Health Foundation have a mental health awareness week campaigning on a different theme each year. This year’s theme is anxiety and hopefully you’ll be seeing this banner a lot… Are you anxiety aware? I’ve written before about my ups and downs with clinical depression, but, it’s currently […]

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Ditching The Grey On Blooming Monday

I’ve written before about my history of anxiety and depression and I’m currently prescribed Prozac while the hospital gets to the bottom of my recurrent vertigo problems. Despite some press stories and Wikipedia claiming that Blue Monday was January 6th this year, with the reasoning that the first Monday back at work after the festive season […]

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