Strawberries & Pimms; It Must Be Summer!

England. June. What sums up Summer more than a fresh bowl of strawberries or a refreshing glass of Pimms? I love both so I was delighted to find some new ideas for these seasonal treats. Strawberries boast an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants; they are undeniably delicious, yet equally nutritious. The red fruit is a […] woof wednesday

Woof Wednesday: The Great British Bark Off

Yes, a certain very popular TV show is back on telly tonight, so, in honour of that, I’ve browsed the interweb and found some Summer recipes for our four-legged friends. Stella loves the Billy & Margot ice cream of course but it’s good to make things at home too…these are all on my to-do list, […]

Woof Wednesday: Phew! What A Scorcher

We weren’t thinking we’d have to share a warm weather warning this Summer. We were thinking people were becoming more responsible pet owners and our four-legged friends wouldn’t be in any danger. It seems we’re wrong. There’s already been a news story shared on my Facebook timeline today about Spanish police breaking into a car […] woof wednesday

Summer Woof Wednesday: Keep Pets Cool & Safe

We all know about the dangers of keeping dogs locked in parked cars in the summer; it’s a no-no for any dog owner and a well-publicised concern. Whilst avoiding common dangers, you can also take proactive measures to keep your animals feeling cool this summer. Here’s a guide to some of the best things you […]