top 10 signs you need a break

Top 10 Signs That You Need A Break

Lisa’s Life is taking a break this week and so to keep with the holiday mood I’m sharing this list that will help you decide if you too need time away. According to this my Summer trip was very overdue! Holiday Inn Express had a study done earlier this year in which it was discovered […]

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Monday Morning

Monday morning arrives quicker every week it seems. Especially so if you’ve got a job you don’t love. I guess most of us have a job to pay the bills above anything else but a little job satisfaction goes a long way. I never pretend my office job is anything other than boring but, it’s […]

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Thinking Of A New Career

You may be looking for a new career path or just wondering what’s involved in certain jobs. Finding out about the work of probation officers was really interesting but I don’t think it will be the job for me. Embed from Getty Images A day in the life of a probation officer A probation officer […]

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Word Of The Week: 12th April 2013

  Joining up with The Reading Residence and the Word Of The Week linky once more… Technology has been both a blessing and a curse this week! Home geekery has been brilliant at letting me keep up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month so far when my body hasn’t been 100% behind it. At […]

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Word Of The Week: 5th April 2014

After the organisational triumph of last week, this week was a little different! I┬áhad an appointment with my GP midweek to discuss the neurologist’s findings at Addenbrookes Hospital and also voice my concerns that the prescription I have for Amitriptyline is really only working as a sedative instead of a migraine/vertigo preventative. On Tuesday evening […]

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